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Your Key to a Better Future – Life Optimizer

Do you want to have a better future? One thing you should do for that is investing. That means making some sacrifice now (e.g. setting aside a portion of your income) for a greater reward in the future (e.g. your retirement fund).

The best investment, however, is not a financial instrument. The best investment is yourself.

Many people invest financially but forget to invest in themselves. As a result, they don’t reach their full potential. That’s why it’s important that you invest in yourself and do it the right way.

To do it right, you should invest in the five aspects of life:

  • Work/Finance: your career and finance.
  • Health: your physical health.
  • Learning: your personal development.
  • Social: your relationships with others.
  • Spiritual: your relationship with God.

There is an investing strategy called ‘dollar cost averaging’ where you invest a fixed amount of money regularly regardless of how the market is doing. It’s simple, but it’s proven to work well over time.

You should do something similar to invest in your life. How? By building the right habits. Habits are like ‘dollar cost averaging’: you invest regularly in a certain aspect of your life regardless of how you feel.

To invest in your life, build the right habits in the five aspects of life.

The magic of investing lies in compounding. Investing just a little for a long time will amount to much. Similarly, you might do just simple things daily, but over time, you will be surprised by how far you have gone.

How do you do that? Here are some ideas on how you can invest in the five aspects of life.

1. Work/Finance

This is where you invest financially. Here you build a cushion in your personal finance while also preparing for the future. This article has more information on how to do it.

2. Health

The key things for your physical health are exercise, rest, and diet. So build the exercise habit, sleep well, and eat healthily.

3. Learning

When it comes to learning, curiosity is the fuel. The more curious you are, the further you will go. So develop curiosity in your life and the habit of learning will happen naturally.

4. Social

For your social aspect, the most important part, of course, is your family. Make sure that you spend enough quality time with them. Eat together whenever possible.

But you should also invest in your social connections. Join a community and contribute there.

5. Spiritual

Spirituality plays an important role in optimizing your life. In fact, I believe that it’s the most important aspect. It’s the foundation upon which all the other aspects are built. So build spiritual habits such as praying and reading spiritual texts.


Investing doesn’t give you an immediate return. You might not feel the difference right away. But keep on investing in yourself and you will be on your way to reaching your full potential.

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