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Yoga Teachers – How to Teach a Great Class With Only Minutes to Prepare (Video)

As a yoga student I’d prefer that we take hours to prepare to teach a yoga class – hell, a lifetime ideally.

But, as a yoga teacher, I acknowledge that some days life just won’t allow it . . .

Your dog throws up on the carpet, car won’t start, you hit traffic, your mom (or kid) calls with a fresh emergency as you arrive to the studio to find a lack of parking.

Yoga Teachers: Follow These 5 Steps to Prepare For Your Yoga Class In 5 Minutes Flat

Traffic jam or dog emergency aside, here are a few things you can do when you’re running late, you just can’t seem to get your shit together, or you couldn’t get a sub to cover your cl/ass.


1. Two-Minute Mountain

Stand for two minutes in Mountain Pose to usher in the production of testosterone and reduce the flow of cortisol in the bloodstream . . . making you more confident and less stressed-the-fuck-out, respectively.

2. Force a Smile

A measurable increase in happiness occurs when we force a smile for just 16 seconds. Though life may have just served you a shit sandwich, grin and bear it and feel better for it.


3. Three-Minute Wim Hof Breathing

Three Minutes of “Hofin” (Wim Hof’s breathing technique) is a technique that is simple, not easy. Take a full breath in (110% of your lung capacity), and let a natural breath out (70% empty). This is not Kapalabhati. Do this for 30 rounds and you’ll notice the effect immediately.

If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend you check out Joe Rogan’s #712 podcast with Wim Hof.

4. Recycle a Playlist

I keep several playlists pre-loaded for the days when trying to provide an illusion of freshness will detract from my presence. “Spring Time,” “Meditative Mix,” “Rainy Day,” and “Powerful” are a few that I keep locked and loaded for when I really need ’em.

Looking for some playlist inspo? Check out 10 Perfect Songs For Your Next Yoga Playlist

5. Teach About Presence

. . . And specifically challenges to it. As you begin teaching class, guide everyone into Downward Facing Dog and then don’t say anything for a few minutes . . . that’ll presence everybody.

So Yoga Teachers, Remember This the Next Time You’re Running Late for Class

By now you’ve no doubt surmised that you can get ready in less than five minutes if you follow these steps.

Like blocks, these are tools not props – use ’em when you need ’em, but be careful you don’t come to rely on ’em . . . there’s no substitute for good ol’ fashion discipline.

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