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Why Each Zodiac Sign Feels Like They Have No Friends


You get bored easily and lose interest in people.


You text people all the time — but you rarely meet up with them in person.


You’ve lost touch with people from high school and haven’t made any new friends since then.


You’ve placed too much emphasis on finding a romantic partner and pushed your friendships to the side.


You’re independent and intimidating, which stops people from approaching you.


You spend too much time working to have a fulfilling social life.


You feel like everything is one-sided because you’re always the one setting plans and sending texts.


You keep your work life and home life separate, so you haven’t gotten close to the coworkers you see every single day.


You turn down every invitation you get to go out.


You only leave the house when you have to work.


It takes you way too long to answer texts, so people have stopped messaging you.


You spend time with the wrong people so you feel lonely even when you’re in a crowd. TC mark

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