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What Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely Hates During Sex


When you’re quiet as a mouse and give no indication whether you’re enjoying yourself.


When you refuse to kiss, look them in the eyes, or do anything even slightly romantic.


When you lie flat without touching them, touching yourself, or contributing in any way.


When you fall asleep immediately after it’s over instead of cuddling and pillow talking.


When you give them orders and expect them to listen to your commands.


When you make way too much noise, even when they’ve barely touched you yet.


When you keep your shirt, socks, or shoes on instead of stripping down naked.


When your dirty talk gets a little too intense and verges on insulting.


When you close your eyes the entire time or keep looking over their shoulder.


When you expect oral from them but don’t offer to return the favor.


When you skip foreplay and finish before they have a chance to get fully turned on.


When you act too submissive and make them do all of the work. TC mark

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