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Video of tiny hero sprinting to the rescue of little girl during karate practice warms hearts

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This karate practice for kids just got even more interesting – all thanks to one adorable boy who showed everyone that he was a true gentleman!

A little girl found herself in the mercy of her teacher during karate practice. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the lass can be seen trying to fight off her “attacker” with all her might. The teacher was “tackling” her in the hopes that it will bring out the girl’s self-defense moves.



In the background, parents can be heard chanting instructions to the girl, telling her to “kick” and “run away” so she could break free. Two little boys sitting on the floor are seen watching the “fight” and cheering her on.

However, despite the girl’s efforts, she never managed to break free from the teacher. But she was obviously a good sport, wearing a smile on her face the whole time she was struggling. There was one time when she managed to escape, but then the instructor grabs her again and resumes the “fight”.



Then suddenly, a tiny figure came running towards them – a boy from another group!

Just as the little girl was about to accept her defeat, a young boy came running up to the teacher and did something that nobody anticipated – he punched the coach!

The boy came looking all ready to fight – he had a protective helmet on and was wearing a pair of boxing gloves. He must have thought that the fight was real, so he stood up for the “poor” little girl.

The teachers, parents, and other kids couldn’t help but laugh as the brave boy came running back to his group. He even looked over his shoulder as he sat down on the floor, as if letting the teacher know that he’s still watching him.



The video gained a lot of positive comments from those who watched it.

“Little man has his heart in the right place. So cute,” one user commented.

“Now that there was a beautiful act of chivalry……great going my man,” another user wrote.

That was both sweet and hilarious at the same time! For sure, the little girl will remember that day at karate practice and that boy who “saved” her for the rest of her life!

Check out the video on AIR.TV and see as the little gentleman comes to the girl’s rescue.

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