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These Before and After Photos Prove Why You Should Ignore The Scale When Losing Weight »

When losing weight, you might think that weighing yourself often will help you stay motivated and on track with your goals. However, getting on the scale too much might do just the opposite. If you focus on only your weight when you choose a healthy lifestyle, you will start to obsess over a number and forget about all the health benefits that come with exercising and eating healthier.

Not to mention, weighing yourself obsessively can lead to eating disorders or mental blocks that cause you to make food choices based on the number on the scale. Plus, your weight doesn’t tell you anything about your actual body composition. Keep in mind that two people can weigh the same but have completely different body fat percentages.

If you’ve been working out and eating better, you might not see the number on the scale budge very much, but your clothes might fit better. This is an indication that you are making progress, but you will easily overlook that progress if you’re only measuring it with the scale.

The people below prove that numbers can lie when it comes to losing weight, and that the scale shouldn’t be your only tool in measuring your progress.

These people’s before and after photos prove why you shouldn’t weigh yourself when losing weight:

1. This woman actually gained 1 kg but looks more toned and fit than before.

2. Eva says, “Don’t forget that the scale means absolutely nothing” when it comes to losing weight.

3. Losing weight is more about how you feel on the inside than what you look like.

4. She looks much healthier in the second photo despite gaining eight pounds.

5. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t be surprised if you see the scale jump up when you’re losing weight.

6. This is a back shot of the same woman from above. Look how much fat she lost in the second photo!

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7. “I know that my body represents more than just a number.”

8. As you can see, most people gain weight when weightlifting but actually appear leaner than before!

We hope these photos of people documenting their weight loss journeys will help you stop paying so much attention to what the scale says. Remember, when losing weight, focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit instead of fixating on the numbers. There’s so much more to your health than a number on the scale.

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