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6 Cooling Yoga Poses to Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is here and going strong! You know what that means . . . sunbathing on the beach, ice-cold lemonade (perhaps with a splash of bourbon?), and tan lines for days. Whoooo! Summer also means boob sweat, wearing your hair in a messy bun so it doesn’t stick to the …

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Yoga for Morning Sickness: 5 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Relief

Morning sickness is definitely one of the less glamorous and not-so-exciting symptoms that come along with being pregnant. It can affect your mood, energy levels, and overall quality of life. Most women experience morning sickness at one point or another as early as the first trimester of their pregnancy, and …

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3 Ways to Avoid Having Camel Toe In Your Yoga Pants

By Ashton August | October 5, 2013 The frontal wedgie otherwise known as camel toe is all too common when it comes to wearing yoga pants. We have found 3 ways to help get rid of this fashion faux pas and we want to share them with you.   1. The Cuchini The Cuchini is …

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A review of our favorite yoga pants

Yoga pants are being worn EVERYWHERE these days and to be honest, we like it!  In no particular order, these are our 3 favorite pants right now. Drum roll please…   1. Sacred Feather Hot Pant From Teeki Feeling spendy? Click the image to get your shopping fix from teeki.com You …

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Follow These 5 Rules to Avoid Injury During Hot Yoga

By Ashton August | June 1, 2014 The health benefits of hot yoga are well established. An ideal augmentation to any athlete’s workout routine, breathing techniques coupled with body strengthening and flexibility promise an overall boost to your fitness. Yet, as we continue on this path of exercise and wellness, it is important …

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2nd Wind Towel-Infused Yoga Mat Product Review

When it comes to product reviews, we don’t mess around. All of the items we review are put through the ringer of everyday use. You can trust that our reviews are non-biased and completely honest. Full-disclosure: we don’t publish negative reviews. If a product doesn’t live up to our standards, …

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