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How to measure happiness at work – and how NOT TO

Most companies conduct regular job satisfaction surveys, but they often don’t work very well and fail to deliver tangible improvements to employees’ perception of their workplace. This leads to increased unhappiness among employees and from there to lower productivity and higher employee turnover. In this video we cover: Why you …

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Work From Home? Try These 7 Productivity Hacks

By most people’s standards, if you’re lucky enough to not have to leave your house to “go” to work, you’ve already won. The work from home perks are undeniable: no commute, no uncomfortable business casual, no Tupperware warmed-up lunches. But it’s not all conference calls in PJs and leisurely meals …

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Love A Work In Progress

Instead of looking for someone who has their life together, someone who is sure of themselves, someone who is a completed project, you should love a work in progress. Works in progress are not blinded to their flaws. They are not cocky. They are not under the impression they are …

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