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20 Foods to Never Eat if You Want to Lose Weight


Why is it so difficult to lose weight? This is a loaded question, and there are many possible answers: genetics, misinformation, a sedentary lifestyle, etc. But perhaps the main reason why it’s so hard to lose weight is that people aren’t conscientious enough about the foods they put into their …

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21 High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

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High protein foods are an important macro-nutrient that helps our bodies recovery from strenuous activities such as running or lifting weights as well as from normal everyday wear and tear. Without protein, our bodies would not be able to function properly. When most people think of high protein foods, they …

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13 Unique Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

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Do you know that food manufacturers and restaurant owners spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars studying flavors, colors, aroma, and presentation of the food so that you’ll eat more? When you’re craving something, the urge to eat just doesn’t come from your stomach or taste buds. A lot of …

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