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5 Ways to Spot Child Abuse »

child abuse

Child abuse is a tragedy of the utmost magnitude. Indeed, the act of violence against children tears away innocence from a child’s heart and mind. In fact, the problem is widespread. So we’re going to focus on ways that you can spot a child who is living this nightmare. Let’s …

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6 Ways to Drink Enough Water Every Day »

weight loss foods

Do you drink enough water every day? Water is the most crucial item that you consume. It provides the body with the hydration it needs to function smoothly. It can boost positive thinking, balance metabolism, protect the body against diseases, and more. But many people don’t get as much water …

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4 Easy Ways to Release Negative Emotions

There are two important things that we often don’t give ourselves: alone time and emotional release. It’s something about having that extended period of time to ourselves – alone – that allows us to truly relax and let go. Understandably, it’s hard to enjoy even the smallest moments of freedom …

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3 Ways to Improve Your Self-Awareness with Yoga

The most intriguing part of your yoga practice lies in the ever-changing state of both your body and mind. When you begin any conscious practice, you realize you’re never exactly the same as you were the day before. This continual state of transience means there is always another layer of …

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