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10 Ways to Relieve Eye Pain Naturally

lacking water

Eye pain can be a debilitating and frustrating experience that can hinder your day-to-day activities. Let’s face it, we use our eyes to do just about everything. When our eyes hurt, it can drastically alter our mood and day. How to reduce eye pain becomes the focal point of our existence until …

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Therapist Explains 12 Ways to Deal With Infidelity


Infidelity is an experience that’s almost unimaginably painful. If it happens to you, you might be so blindsided by emotional pain that you don’t feel anything. However, you’ll likely eventually find yourself feeling a great deal of hurt. Is there any right way to deal with infidelity? Certainly, you want …

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21 Science Backed Ways To Be Happier

be happier

It’s a common question people ask: “How can I be a happier person?” There are lots of different actions you can take, in order to improve your mood and overall outlook on life. By adopting a few simple habits and daily practices, you can make real improvements to your mood. …

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5 Ways to Procrastinate Effectively

If you search for “procrastination” on google you’ll find a massive number of articles on how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. These articles will tell you that there is only one reliable way for you to get stuff done: Check your todo-list for the next item Complete item …

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