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Yoga Teachers, Here Are 10 Tips for Teaching Corporate Yoga

Yoga’s de-stressing effects have gained popularity throughout the years, which makes it a great practice that many companies can share with their employees. As a yoga instructor, teaching yoga several times a week can be great to convert new students to the practice and to have a stable source of …

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For Yoga Teachers | How To Support Emotional Yoga Students

Four tips for yoga teachers on supporting emotional yoga students. Yoga is a practice where we can invite students to arrive authentically in their bodies, minds, and feelings. For some practitioners, there aren’t many safe spaces to connect to their feelings. When they arrive on the mat and begin to …

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Studio Owners! How To Keep Your Yoga Teachers Happy

Teachers are the life blood of your yoga business. But they’re also one of your biggest expenses. So how do you keep yoga teachers happy? Check out these five strategies for keep the face of your business happy. 1. Be transparent about your costs Look, the yoga business is not …

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