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A Short, Sad Love Story

My brief love affair with Los Angeles coincided with the similarly brief and most intense relationship I’ve ever had. It began in the spring- blossoming out of the lonely winter I had endured, and waned as summer ended. It’s a story as old as the seasons themselves, and as cliche …

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The Animated Story of How Eddington’s Historic Eclipse Expedition Confirmed Relativity, Catapulted Einstein into Celebrity, and United Humanity – Brain Pickings

On May 29, 1919, the young English astronomer Arthur Eddington (December 28, 1882–November 22, 1944) catapulted Albert Einstein into celebrity by proving the most significant scientific model of the universe since Newtonian gravity: the general theory of relativity, completed four years earlier. For a quarter millennium, Newton’s conception of space …

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The Story of Hanuman and the Yoga Pose Hanumanasana

If you want to start exploring the philosophical aspects of yoga, begin with the Sanskrit names of each pose. These poses are much more than just a shape to get our bodies into. Rather, each asana (or pose) holds meaning that’s intended to connect us to our deeper beings and …

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