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Dharana Explained: The Second Step Toward Meditation

What does it look like to be totally focused during your yoga practice? Introducing the second step toward meditation: one-pointed concentration. This is called Dharana in the Yoga Sutras. Dharana is first mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as part of the eight-limbed path of Ashtanga Yoga. Dharana is …

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Pratyahara Explained: The First Step Toward Meditation

Wondering what all the stillness is about at the beginning and end of your yoga class? You’re actually practicing the first step toward meditation: turning your attention within. This is called Pratyahara (or withdrawal of the senses) in the Yoga Sutras.   Where Do We First Learn About Pratyahara? Written around …

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Step Forward (Even Into The Headwinds)

Sometimes, even the simplest act of taking another step forward is not the easiest thing… Ever been on a school camp where everyone formed a line to cross along a log, over a creek? It’s your turn and you confidently step out onto the log, you make it half way …

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