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6 Simple DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes

Not to sound dramatic, but it’s a minefield out there. From shampoos to household cleaners to the mascara we put on our eyelashes and the color we put on our lips, many of our common products and self-care items are full of chemicals and known toxins. Don’t stop the natural …

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Super Soldier Pose In 10 Simple Steps (Photo Tutorial)

By Tonya | July 27, 2019 Super Soldier Pose is a newer and non-traditional yoga asana that has gained a lot of popularity due to its fun nature and Instagram-worthy appeal. At first, it might feel disorienting, but after breaking it down into the steps outlined in this Super Soldier Pose tutorial, you …

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How to Overcome Stage Fright in 5 Simple Steps

Fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia (which literally means fear of the tongue) is the apprehension that one experiences when speaking in public. It’s reported that 1 in every 4 individuals reports some sort of anxiety when presenting ideas in front of an audience. Regardless of one’s personal …

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6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness Now

It’s easy to fall into a rut. No matter where you are in life, things can get complicated, hectic, and sometimes downright unpleasant. Even if you can’t control what’s happening in your life, you can control how you approach it each and every day. Instead of resisting things when they …

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Simple and Sweet Chia Pudding Recipe

Got a sweet tooth? No reason to deny it. Life is too short for kale salads and smoothies all the time! Luckily, we have things like chia pudding as an option. We can indulge our sweet tooth and still enjoy a healthy, protein-rich, plant-based treat. With chia pudding, you can …

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