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The Roundup! Star Signs and Dennis Rodman • Yoga Basics

Online Yoga Resource and News

Just in time for Gemini season, this month’s yoga news roundup is a delightful cornucopia of yoga news on a variety of topics. Find a conversation starter with Forbes’ guide to the best yoga post for your zodiac sign, then learn how to decompress from stressful days at work. Gain …

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A Guide to the Zodiac Signs: Gemini the Twins

Gemini is the twin of the zodiac and the only human representation of all the 12 zodiac signs. The Gemini sign is known to be charismatic, intelligent, adaptable, and communicative. This sign of expression loves to talk and likely got in trouble all through school for it. Duality is the …

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7 Signs That Reveal Bad Energy In Your Relationship

bad energy relationship

We interact with different people every day – our parents, children, spouse, coworkers, significant other, boss, etc.  How those interactions play out severely affect how you see yourself, your career, your parenting style, your relationship, and just life in general. We all can agree that a good relationship must be …

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10 Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

someone thinking about you

It’s flattering to imagine someone thinking about you. There’s something comforting about knowing you’re on someone else’s mind, especially if there’s a special someone you’re hoping has you running through their head. Naturally, you’d want to know if that’s happening! Of course, there are other reasons someone might be thinking …

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A Guide to the Zodiac Signs: Taurus the Bull

The Taurus sign is dependable, patient, and a lover of all that is beautiful. The first earth sign in the zodiac, Taurus cherishes stability and sensuality and anything soft, silky, luxurious, and rare. Material possessions rule this zodiac sign but not in a greedy “gotta have it all” way . …

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