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Meditation and Anxiety: 5 Steps to Reduce Anxiety By Meditating

I don’t know about you, but when I first started learning about and practicing meditation, my mind was clouded with some preconceived notions. I thought meditation and anxiety were basically opposites. So, I had these notions: Meditation is supposed to be relaxing Meditation is clearing the mind of all thoughts …

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How to Reduce Stress Now

Who isn’t afraid of getting old? People spend their entire lives trying to find the fountain of youth and prolong life. But as you know, death comes for everyone eventually. If you’re like most people, you accept that and don’t try to do too much research to learn more. Besides, …

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Can Home-Cooked Meals Reduce Stress and Improve Health and Happiness? Take the #CEDOChallenge to Find Out! – MegSoper

“The feedback we have received in the days following this event has been immensely positive and centered around you! Your energy, spark, ability to relate, and personal-touch with very accurate references, left everyone empowered and feeling connected to something larger than… Read More – Desjardins Insurance Paula Wagner, Advisor – …

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