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Marilyn Nelson Reads Her Exquisite Poem About the Purpose of Life and How Our Impermanence Both Frustrates and Fuels Our Creative Drive – Brain Pickings

“My poems: a handful of dust trying to get back to supernova. Like every longing, everything alive.” By Maria Popova “It’s so much more a thing of pliancy, persuasion,” the astronomer and poet Rebecca Elson wrote in her spare, lovely poem celebrating the genius of Einstein’s theory of relativity — …

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Listen—Your Purpose Is Calling You

There’s no pressure. That’s the difference. That’s the misconception. That’s where we all go astray. We spend all this time trying to “figure it out” when we’re being led there all along. Your calling is your calling; it’s not your “supposed to” or your “discipline,” it’s what you are called to do. …

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How To Properly Define Your Passions & Purpose

Over the years, I’ve worked with many companies and found the ones with lucid and succinctly described visions are more likely to succeed than those with unclear or highly complex visions. Yet as individuals, we often don’t take the time to clearly articulate our own passions or purpose. To help …

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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life Google Adsense may use cookies to personalize their ads and analyze our traffic. Positivity Post itself does not collect or share personal information. By clicking OKAY, or continuing to use our website in any form or manner, you are consenting to our cookies. If you do …

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