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4 Cleansing Yoga Practices for Letting Go of the Past

Your yoga practice – from physical poses to pranayama – offers a structured way to center your thoughts. Yoga helps you feel present, grounded, clear and in control. Thus, your yoga practice can bring clarity and empowerment so you can let go of your past. You can use yoga to …

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8 Practices of Self-Love for a Confidence Boost

Your self-esteem is a muscle. Yes, you read that right. Just like your biceps and triceps, your self-esteem needs a daily workout. How do you strengthen your self-esteem muscle? By getting into a positive routine of daily practices that help pump you up for a serious confidence boost! Over the …

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4 Cleansing Yoga Practices to Start 2019 Off Right

A new year often brings an overwhelming amount of content on reflection and goal-setting. Articles and social media posts tend to place a focus on evaluating what went wrong in the previous year. Or creating lists of everything you want to accomplish in the next. However, we’d like to suggest …

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5 Yoga Practices to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra teaches us about vision, insight, and spiritual growth. You intuitively know what will help you grow and what will hold you back. When your Sixth Chakra is balanced, you trust your intuition and your perceive things as they are. The Sanskrit name for the Third Eye …

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