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I’m Slowly Learning To Make Peace With My Body

Chances are, you’ve been hard on your body before. Perhaps you’ve had an up and down relationship with your body and food for years. Perhaps you’ve cycled between diets in an attempt to feel better about your body and ultimately about yourself. Perhaps you’ve struggled with bingeing or over-exercising. Perhaps …

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Peace Day Is For Acts Of Kindness

One day to celebrate Peace Day Our lives are made up of day to day experiences and interactions, so every day we have the chance to make someone else’s life better. To build a more peaceful and sustainable world, we need to build peace in our everyday lives. No matter …

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Robinson Jeffers on Moral Beauty, the Interconnectedness of the Universe, and the Key to Peace of Mind – Brain Pickings

“Happy people die whole,” Robinson Jeffers (January 10, 1887–January 20, 1962) wrote in one of his poems. “Integrity is wholeness,” he wrote in another. For Jeffers, whose verses became revered hymns of the environmental movement as Rachel Carson was making ecology a household word, this meant wholeness not only within …

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The Architecture of Peace with Michael O’Neill • Yoga Basics

Online Yoga Resource and News

When was the last time you were truly quiet? Quietness and stillness create space for contemplation that is paramount to being human. Contemplation is part of us, just as conflict, turmoil, and famine have always been part of the world. In fact, people throughout history have consistently removed themselves from …

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How power generating exercises can lead to down-regulation and inner peace

For many, the idea of “peaceful practices” does not include burpees, handstands and Olympic-style weightlifting. But for Olympic Weightlifter Elizabeth Wipff and CrossFitter RE Lewis, these are exercises that lead directly to inner peace and wellbeing. I recently hosted a jubilant conversation between Wipff and Lewis about the top ways …

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