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Take A Risk On Love

When you take a risk on love, you’re saying screw you to all of the people who hurt you in the past. You’re making it clear the baggage they brought you hasn’t anchored you down. It hasn’t broken your spirit. Taking a risk on love proves you’re strong enough to …

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Love Is Like A Car On Fire

The car is on fire but I can’t stop thinking about you. I’m sitting in the driver’s seat, holding onto the steering wheel, and I can’t look away. I think of you the way people stare at an accident on the highway. The way they stand on an overpass, their …

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Love Yourself! How Self-Love Creates Healthy Relationships

Relationships are the most significant and challenging experience we encounter in this thing called life. Yet, they are also the most rewarding. Every aspect of life revolves around relationships. When I say “relationship,” I do not just mean with a romantic partner (if we have one). We have relationships with …

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