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4 Cleansing Yoga Practices for Letting Go of the Past

Your yoga practice – from physical poses to pranayama – offers a structured way to center your thoughts. Yoga helps you feel present, grounded, clear and in control. Thus, your yoga practice can bring clarity and empowerment so you can let go of your past. You can use yoga to …

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In 2019, I Am Not Letting My Anxiety Win

I don’t want to be the quiet girl anymore. The shy girl. The boring girl. I don’t want to get overlooked while writing party invitations and setting concert plans because everyone assumes I am going to choose to stay home instead. In 2019, I am going to break from my …

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Letting Go And Coming Home

There is a myth about meditation. A lot of people think that it is something you can do well or do poorly. I often work with people who are brand new to meditation. Sometimes they say they have “tried it but haven’t done it right” or feel that they “can’t do …

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