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Some People Are Never Going To Learn

Some people are never going to learn — and it’s not your fault. It wasn’t your job to fix them, so stop feeling like you’ve failed. Stop telling yourself they would have changed if they loved you enough, if they wanted your relationship to work badly enough, because it’s not …

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3 things leaders should learn from dancers

In dancing – just as in business – there are leaders and followers. But if you think this means that “The leader always leads and the follower does what they’re told” then you’re very wrong. Miranda van Wonterghem is an international swing dance teacher and in this amazing talk from …

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Learn Crow Pose and Hurdler’s Pose (Free Class)

By YogiApproved | May 19, 2019  Want to fly in Crow Pose? Ready to master Hurdler’s Pose? These popular arm balances are challenging but accessible once you learn the key tips for nailing each. In this free yoga tutorial video, you’ll learn step by step how to enter Crow Pose. Next, you’ll learn …

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