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5 Habits for a Happy Relationship According to Experts

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing sweet older couples walking hand-in-hand, staring at each other with that look of pure adoration. What’s their secret to a happy relationship? How did they make love last all of these years? When it comes to relationship advice, these are the successful couples we …

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7 Qualities Your Happy Healthy Dog Should Have

With over 43 million dog owners in the US alone, it’s clear dogs bring a lot of joy to our lives. We love them wholeheartedly and look at them as part of the family. As most canine parents would agree a happy dog is a healthy dog. However, when it …

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Our 4 best tips for a happy vacation

The Summer holidays are right around the corner here in the northern hemisphere and I am really excited for it. No matter how much you love your job, you should still look forward to some time off, where you can do something completely different. But it’s important to do your …

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Psychology Explains 5 Secrets Of A Happy Relationship »


Let’s first talk about what a happy relationship is not, namely perfection. Even as adults, we have a remarkable tendency to stereotype. Let’s elaborate on stereotyping in the context of the “perfect relationship.” (Uh-huh…) Consider the last couple you saw who looked visibly happy – like they knew some well-hidden …

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