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5 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts and be Happier


5 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts and be Happier Google Adsense may use cookies to personalize their ads and analyze our traffic. Positivity Post itself does not collect or share personal information. By clicking OKAY, or continuing to use our website in any form or manner, you are consenting to …

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21 Science Backed Ways To Be Happier

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It’s a common question people ask: “How can I be a happier person?” There are lots of different actions you can take, in order to improve your mood and overall outlook on life. By adopting a few simple habits and daily practices, you can make real improvements to your mood. …

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A Merry Manifesto: 9 Tips for a Happier Holidays

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As strange as this sounds, when I was younger, I loved working during the holidays. There was something nice about making rounds in the hospital during Thanksgiving and Christmas, about being with patients and doing something that felt worthwhile. I knew I was making a difference in someone else’s life. …

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18 Ways Gratitude Changed My Life And Made Me Happier

The incorporation of healthy, simple daily tasks such as journaling may provide welcome opportunity to assess all that one has to be grateful for. The act of experiencing or giving gratitude can be extremely beneficial for one’s overall health. I saw my life transform in many wonderful ways as I began to …

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7 Foods That Make You Feel Happier

Everyone’s heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Yet, people who should know better continue to turn to foods that just aren’t good for them when they’re feeling down. Scientists say one of the real reasons some depressed people may crave candy, ice cream and other sweet and …

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