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5 Ways to Maintain Gut Health + Why Digestive Health Is Important

As Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Our gut is like our second brain. It controls and regulates so much of our bodies’ processes, from mood to sleep, metabolism, illness, and digestion. Therefore, our digestive health is imperative for our overall wellbeing. Seventy percent of your immune system …

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Here is how yoga can improve your gut health

Posted at 11:02h in Health, Blog by Katie Fowler Written by Sofia Poggi A healthy digestive system is integral to living a balanced and wholesome life. The gut plays an essential role in a variety of functions throughout the body, and when undernourished and out of balance, the gut can …

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What is gut well being? And how can you improve yours?

Posted at 08:35h in Health, Blog by Katie Fowler Written by Sofia Poggi The importance of our gut health has been receiving copious amounts of attention lately, and is an exciting step in advancing our knowledge on the connection between nutrition and mental health. Many people are aware that eating nutritious …

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