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Why It’s Okay To Struggle – The Art of Education

I have a straw in my mouth that I am humming forcefully into. “HMMMMMMM…HMMMMM…..HMMMMM.” I sound like a deranged duck honking. Nasal. The vibration is jaw-jarring. “HMMMMM….HMMMMMM…..HMMMMMM….” Face red, lips pursed, straw dangling. It’s not glamorous. But many of us feel that the “right” life should have a little glamour. We …

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Taking Action (Part 2) – The Art of Education

This is part 2 of a three-part series. If you missed part one of the series on goal-setting, click here to read the article. You have identified a goal. Fabulous!  However, now the “real” work begins. It’s one thing to have a goal but quite another to commit to consistently doing …

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Making A Decision, Part 1 – The Art of Education

I have struggled with decisions. Especially the big ones. Questions such as: should I be a single mom should I stay in this relationship should I leave my job should I end this friendship Even if we’re not up against a “major” life decision, we face a myriad of choices …

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