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Never Date Someone Emotionally Toxic

When you date someone emotionally toxic, it’s hard to explain to other people exactly what your partner has been doing to you. When you say it out loud, it sounds silly. They banged the door loudly on their way outside. They hide the remote from you. They purposely knocked over your …

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Date Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Your Guy Friends 

Don’t settle for someone who gives you ultimatums. Don’t settle for someone who forces you to pick between him and friends you’ve known your entire life. Don’t settle for someone who questions your loyalty when you haven’t done a single thing wrong. If your friendships are completely platonic, with no harmless …

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Date Someone You Trust Will Stay

Date someone you’re confident will stay, someone who you trust isn’t going anywhere. You don’t want to commit to someone who sets off your paranoia. You don’t want to commit to someone who thinks about running off every single time a problem pops up in your relationship. You don’t want to …

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Date Someone Who Doesn’t Confuse You

Date someone who doesn’t confuse you. Someone who doesn’t send you mixed messages, someone who remains as keen on date six, as they were on date one- someone who doesn’t only pursue you when they are desperate to discover the way your body curves beneath your clothes and the way …

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