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When You Work Until You Burn Out

When you’re determined to make something of yourself, nothing you do is ever enough. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spent working because you never feel comfortable taking a break. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve been pushing yourself, because you still feel like you haven’t been doing enough. …

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How to tell that you have reached the point of burn out

Written by Sofia Poggi Burn-out is a relatively new term, describing the state that can occur when experiencing prolonged levels of stress in your life. In our current culture, it’s not uncommon to experience this phenomenon. In fact, it’s so common that sometimes many people are unaware that they are even experiencing burn-out.   …

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11 Powerful Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Fast

double chin

If you want to burn belly fat lose abdominal weight, you will need plenty of discipline and resilience. Many people start repetitive exercises only to quit before the results show. There are many exercises that one can do to cut belly fat. Whether it is walking, crunches, lifting weights, or …

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