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I’m Slowly Learning To Make Peace With My Body

Chances are, you’ve been hard on your body before. Perhaps you’ve had an up and down relationship with your body and food for years. Perhaps you’ve cycled between diets in an attempt to feel better about your body and ultimately about yourself. Perhaps you’ve struggled with bingeing or over-exercising. Perhaps …

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Body Scan Meditation – One Mind Dharma

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Body Scan Meditation (Last Updated On: June 17, 2019) Today’s meditation is a guided body scan practice. We move through the body, observing each part with mindfulness. This is a practice in the First Foundation of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of the Body. To start, we’ll cultivate the intention of metta, or …

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5 Ultimate Summer Body Tips to Help You Get in Shape

Getting in shape for summer is a goal many of us share. And getting in shape can mean many things for many people. Whether you’re wanting to get stronger and build more muscle, gain more flexibility and mobility for your summer activities, or have specific goals for what your version …

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