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107 Beautiful Bible Quotes about Love

Do you want to learn more about what the Bible says about love and compassion? The following list of inspirational Bible quotes about love will show you what God said in the Bible about the greatest power on earth. And if you can’t get enough of good quotes, be sure …

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The 100 Most Beautiful Quotes of All Time

Many books have been written and many citations have been taken from them. But not every book is special and not every quote is worth reading. To save you some massive amount of time, we’ve created this selection of the most beautiful quotes of all time. Enjoy reading! And if …

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Herman Melville’s Passionate, Beautiful, Heartbreaking Love Letters to Nathaniel Hawthorne – Brain Pickings

The summer when nineteen-year-old Emily Dickinson met the love of her life — the orphaned mathematician-in-training Susan Gilbert, who would come to be the poet’s greatest muse, her mentor, her primary reader and editor, her fiercest lifelong attachment, her “Only Woman in the World” — another intense, label-defying love was …

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