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Yoga (and Ayurveda) make you cool – Glo

As much as we sometimes wish it would, life doesn’t stop during the hot summer months. So even as the August sun blazes, we still find ourselves running errands, commuting, and trying to get that workout in. But before you take permanent refuge in the sugary sanctuary of your grocery’s …

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Balance Your Pitta Dosha with These Ayurveda Dosha Tips

Ayurveda, a “sister science” to yoga, teaches us how to reach optimal health by syncing our minds and bodies with the cycles of nature. This Ancient Indian Medicine has offered many holistic health benefits for people for thousands of years. Even in today’s busy modern world, we can still apply …

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Ayurveda Doshas 101: How to Embrace Your Vata Dosha

Let’s talk about Ayurveda doshas. There are three main doshas, or constitutions, that we are made up of – according to Ayurveda. You may have heard of these doshas already: vata, pita, and kapha. In this article, we will discuss what it means to have a vata dosha so you …

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