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Prenatal Yoga Center | A Brutal, Amazing, and Magical Birth

21 Aug A Brutal, Amazing, and Magical Birth What is it like for a birth doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga teacher to experience birth with so much knowledge and experience coloring her lens of labor? Many may think it, with all the preparation and knowledge, it would be smooth …

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15 Amazing Health Benefits of Saffron

Power of Positivity

The spice saffron is one that has ancient roots and is also one of the most costly spices in the world. This vivid red spice is known for its floral and honey-like aroma. Chefs use it predominantly in meals like bouillabaisse and paella. Using Saffron for Health Benefits Just as …

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15 Amazing Benefits of Nuts for Skin, Hair and More


Nuts. Would you be surprised to learn they’re a natural beauty powerhouse? It’s no secret that investing in skincare and haircare products can be beneficial for your overall complexion and the health of your skin hair. However, something that many people fail to realize is that many of these products …

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15 Amazing Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice offers a whole host of benefits that many people don’t realize. While many of us hear that this rice is better than white, just what does that mean? The Truth About Brown Rice for Health Benefits To understand why this rice is so different from white rice you …

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