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Positive Outlooks launches its ‘NO MUSSELS’ YouTube channel


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We are launching our own YouTube channel called NO MUSSELS.  Why such an odd name? Why not an original title like ‘Keeping Up With Positive Outlooks‘!? We spent hours brainstorming what kind of video content we will be doing.

We thought of traveling, cooking, eating etc. We don’t have a particular theme! Things got so random that we thought might as well come out with a random name too. We both don’t like mussels, so that’s how NO MUSSELS was born!

There’s also an inside joke about the name, we will explain it in the future.

We want to show you how we are spending our ordinary days: take you to places you might not have seen before, show you our neighborhood, feature foods you might want to try and even give you a glimpse of our crazy family! We think life is better not just with positive outlooks but also doing random things. Keep your spirit nourished.

You have always been supportive of our Facebook pages and we are hoping that you will support our new project! Our video content will be different from what we have been doing on Positive Outlooks Facebook page. You might actually SEE US from time to time! Not sure if that’s a good thing. But no worries we will do our best to use a lot of make ups and filters that will make us look like Hollywood celebrities.

The videos are coming soon! PLEASE visit No Mussels YouTube Channel and hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.

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