John Paul DeJoria’s Net Worth in 2019

John Paul Dejoria

Net Worth: $4 Billion Age: 75 Born: April 13, 1944 Country of Origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur Last Updated: 2019 Introduction  John Paul DeJoria is a Greek-Italian-American entrepreneur, a self-made billionaire from Los Angeles. DeJoria is best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line …

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Let Music Lift Your Yoga Practice To Another Level

Posted at 07:00h in Yoga by Powerliving Your favourite song pops up on your playlist, and you feel the urge to sing along while a giant smile spreads across your face. That made your day! Practising yoga in complete silence is fantastic. Flowing to your favourite tunes will take your …

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Yin Yoga For Depression

We all experience difficult periods in life that leave us feeling sad, lonely, or scared. However, some of us deal with these emotions almost daily.  Depression is a psychiatric condition that usually manifests in listlessness, sadness, anxiety, and guilt. It often has internal or endogenous causes, but can also be related to conflicts, …

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Dylan Minnette’s Net Worth in 2019

Dylan Minnette

Net Worth: $3 Million Age: 22 Born: December 29, 1996 Country of Origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: Professional Actor Last Updated: 2019 Introduction  Dylan Minnette is an American actor and musician from Indiana. He is best known for his role as Clay Jensen in the Netflix drama …

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Menstrual Cups 101: Benefits, Tips, + Which Menstrual Cup to Buy

So you’ve already given your kitchen and bathroom products an eco-friendly makeover, and you support ethical, environmentally friendly brands. But have you given the same attention to your feminine care products? Thankfully, long gone (in most of the world, at least) are the times when talking about your period was …

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5 Popular Styles of Yoga You Could be Teaching

Today, many styles of yoga exist. So when it comes to choosing one to teach, where do you begin? The beauty of this ancient practice in modern times is that there are many yoga disciplines to choose from. Each yoga style offers its own focus, ranging from intense strength-building movements …

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