5 Foods That Are Higher In Protein Than Peanut Butter

hormone imbalance

It’s important to stay mindful of how much protein you’re eating daily. Proteins are the basic building blocks of our bodies and are used to build muscles, tendons and organs, repair tissue, regulate hormone production and even produce the neurotransmitters that modulate our moods. Life as we know it wouldn’t …

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12 Things to Do Every Day Before 12 PM »

things to do

What’s your morning routine like? Everyone has a different way of going about their mornings, and we all have different habits. But did you know that there are scientifically proven routines that do wonders for the rest of the day? These are things you should try to fit in before …

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3 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Dental Health

The amazing and numerous benefits of yoga are well-known. But did you know that yoga also works wonders for your dental health? If you’ve noticed some oral health warnings such as inflamed gums, toothache, jaw pain, or even bad breath, it might be time to boost your efforts for oral …

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Don’t Date Him For Toxic Reasons 

Don’t date him because you feel like you have limited options. Don’t date him because you’re worried you’ll never find someone else who will love you as much as this guy loves you. Don’t date him because you feel like you should take what you can get. Don’t date him …

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Interview with Know Pain Know Gain Podcast

Jay Rooke recently interviewed me for his Know Pain Know Gain: Entrepreneurship Made Real podcast. We talked about personal development, transformation, entrepreneurship, and trust-based marketing. The episode is about 55 minutes, and you can listen to it at the link above. ← Submersion Playlists Added Source by [author_name]

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