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Outdoor Yoga 2019: Greenstreet Gardens

Outdoor Yoga at Greenstreet Gardens

For the 2nd year running, we are pleased to offer Outdoor Yoga classes on select Thursday evenings at the lush & scenic grounds of Greenstreet Gardens…

Upcoming Session

Thurs, May 23, 6:15p – 7:30p
Greenstreet Gardens, 391 W. Bay Front Rd, Lothian

Like last year, we will be on the extended pathway surrounded by blooming flowers and green vistas behind the garden / gift shop. Details below…

A Few Specifics About Outdoor Yoga

About the Class:

  • This is a class suitable to all comers – neophytes or seasoned practitioners. No yoga experience needed.
  • Enjoy gentle, flowing postures; delve into the meditative experience; bask in deep relaxation.
  • Practicing under the open sky will invite a sense of awe & wonder, and wash away any stress or tension.
  • Look forward to having you there!!


  • $7 walk-in or monthly pass.

Things to consider bringing:

  • A second, old yoga mat for extra cushion. (Note: We will have extra mats and knee pads available.)
  • No matter how warm and sunny it is, be sure to have extra layers or a blanket for the extended relaxation at the end.
  • Water bottle / sunscreen / sunglasses.
  • And most certainly bring your friends and family!!


Photos From Last Year


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