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Nitro’s Progress Report: April 2019

Nitro’s Progress Report: April 2019

Here is his April report – a link to his past reports is appended below…it looks like Nitro is getting ready to (I dare say) graduate…

Nitro is preparing to rotate though our May Team Training class for placement. Since we routinely have more dogs available than students, it is possible he won’t find a match in this class. If this is the case, he will continue in training and potentially find a match in our August class. On our last trip into public Nitro was calm and not fazed by the busy environment. He was occasionally excited by people nearby and would move out of position but was able to refocus with some handler support. He has had fewer instances of rough play during exercise time and is usually responsive to recall.

Nitro’s progress from Nov ’18 to Feb ’19

Nitro’s Progress Report: Mar ’19


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