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Nitro Reunion & New Home

Nitro Reunion & New Home

Here is the scene when Tina went to reunite with Nitro at his graduation – as well as Nitro in his new abode….

So Tina went up to NY to the CCI center, and here below is her reunion with Nitro.


Then they got to spend some quality time together.

Here is Nitro soaking up all the love, affection, and attention of the person who raised him (Tina, left) and the person who will be his handler gong forward, Jennifer.

Nitro & His New Handler

Here below is Jennifer with Nitro. Jennifer spent two full weeks living at the CCI center in NY to learn how to work with Nitro.

Next we have school’s Facebook announcement welcoming Nitro…

As you can see Nitro will be a well-loved member of the LKS community. He will live with Jennifer and her family at their home, and each day Nitro will put on his uniform and go to work at the school where he will serve as as “facility dog”.

Here is some info about the school:

Boys are accepted between the ages of nine and fifteen at the time of enrollment, and come to Little Keswick from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world. Students who are accepted have a variety of learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and may be supported with medication management.

For those not familiar with this entire story, here is some background info:

Here is Tina’s reunion with Liam a few years ago:

And if you search “Nitro” or “Liam” in the search box at the top of the page you will find some many posts and videos about them, and more are listed below as well…..


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