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Man finally finds his missing dog sprinting across field – then realizes he is not alone

For animal lovers, pets are treated as a precious member of their family. Thus, in the event that their beloved pet goes missing, it is only normal for them to be frantically worried.

Facebook | Kyle Krier

Kylie Krier and his wife Laura of Concordia, Kansas knew how it felt like to not get a good sleep at night upon realizing that their Labrador has gone missing. According to the loving husband and wife, Laura let their beloved dog out of the house to go to the bathroom at night, however, the Labrador did not come back.

Fearing for the safety of their beloved dog, Kyle and Laura relentlessly looked and searched for the missing Labrador around their  neighborhood. Unfortunately, their dog named Bo was nowhere to be found.

“We looked all over the place for him and could not find him. We decided to go home and wait for him to come back but he never did. I went out in the morning to look for him and found no sign of him anywhere.” Kyle explained.

Facebook | Kyle Krier

Fortunately, the next morning, they received a call from someone who had seen a dog that looked just like their black Labrador Bo.  However, it seems that Bo did not took off and explore all by himself.

“My wife got a call that someone had just about hit a black lab, a white lab and a goat on the road. My wife called me and told me the news and I knew right away that was our dog. I left work right away. I saw the crew out in a cut bean field on the east side of the highway.” Kyle recalled.

Facebook | Kyle Krier

Excited to be reunited with Bo once again, Kyle hopped on his red truck and went to the location he was tipped off. Soon enough, he saw Bo running around with his friends, just like how his concerned neighbor described him.

My black Lab runs off last night, he’s gone all night, and look who I find him with.” Kyle shared on a now viral video.

Looking like he’s on cloud 9, Bo is seen running around the field, together with his newfound friends, a golden Labrador and a goat!

Facebook | Kyle Krier

Upon being called by Kyle, Bo quickly run towards him and hopped inside his red truck. But it seems that Bo’s circle of friends wouldn’t want to be apart from him. The golden Labrador climbed inside as well. While the goat appeared to be hesitant.

“Hey goat you wanna get in my truck too?” Kyle said, inviting the wandering goat to join his friends. “Hop in! Get in the back. Just make yourself at home.” 

Facebook | Kyle Krier

Without wasting time, the goat happily hopped aboard the truck as well. And before they know it, they were on their way home.

After a few days, Kyle and Laura were surprised to discover that Bo’s friend goat belong to Chris and Shawna Huggans- their neighbors! While the golden Labrador also lived close by.

Facebook | Kyle Krier

It sure is nice to know that Bo and his new gang has been returned to their fellow families safe and sound! And what makes the news even better is the fact that with the three of them living close together, everyday is an adventure filled with fun and happiness!

Facebook | Shawna Huggans

Watch the viral video  below and see the heartwarming reunion between Kyle and his precious Labrador, Bo! The infectious happiness painted on the faces of Bo, the golden labrador dog, and the goat will surely make your day!

Video | Kyle Krier

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