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How Fear Holds You Back

Lisa is frustrated because she hasn’t been able to get her first yoga retreat scheduled yet. She keeps committing to new announcement dates, but says she hasn’t had the time to actually book the trip.

In reality, it’s not time holding Lisa back: it’s her resistance to confronting her fear.

Have you been saying you want to expand your business or take specific actions, yet still find yourself standing in the same place? If the answer is yes, you may unknowingly be letting fear stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Fear is inevitable. You can either let it stop you or use it to propel you forward. I promise you will never do anything great without pushing through fear!

What are you most afraid of?  Do any of these resonate?

  • Building your career
  • Dealing with money
  • Raising your standards
  • Making a commitment
  • Making decisions
  • Saying no
  • Envisioning a different future  

What is fear?  

Fear comes from experiencing something outside of our comfort zone. It’s an emotion we experience when our mind contemplates CHANGE in the future– even if it’s for the better.  

Where does fear come from?  

As a child, you probably had some big dreams of what you wanted to be or do in your life.  If you have been around children lately and listened to their conversations – they think big. They dream of being president, of flying to the moon, or becoming a world-class ballerina. Personally, at age 10 I was fully committed to becoming a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader! As we get older, the world seeps in and the more we listen, the bigger and more debilitating our fears become.

It’s important to know there is nothing wrong with feeling afraid.  

If you are continually growing and stretching, fear will regularly come up. Fear is not the problem; it’s the way we deal with it that creates obstacles. Instead of fighting or ignoring fear, think about working with it.

Fear will only subside once you face it.

Yes, you will feel scared and it’s impossible to be fearless.  You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and not always knowing the answer or outcome.

Courage is not fearlessness.  

Courage is simply the willingness to move forward fear and all. The better you are able to manage and push through fear and discomfort the greater the quality of your life and achievement of what you want will be.  

You are not alone.  Everyone is afraid sometimes.  

When you see people who have succeeded and wonder why they weren’t afraid – most likely they were. The people that succeed in achieving their big dreams and goals just took action in spite of feeling fear.

Here’s where to start

The first step to shifting your relationship to fear is taking action. More specifically, it’s taking imperfect action. If you keep waiting to figure out the exact, most perfect way to start something – STOP. It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to be perfect and that’s OK. The road to success is paved with imperfect action. Don’t let fear stop you from living your dreams!

Food for thought

What would you do in your life if you weren’t afraid to fail?  

I’d love to chat about it and help with a plan to get there. I offer complimentary, no obligation 30-minute coaching calls.  Click here to schedule your complimentary session.

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