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Homemade Detox Cider + Kauffman’s Cider

Homemade Detox Cider + Kauffman’s Cider

Here are two cider treats to try…

From time to time, I pour samples of Kauffman’s Apple Cider (appended below) after class. Here is something I just came across that looks like a wonderful home recipe – one which I shall try soon…perhaps you’d like to as well:

If you do choose to make a cup, let us know how it goes….will be sharing my go at it soon!!

Kauffman’s Apple Cider – $10

This is truly wonderful cider, far better than what I have seen available in the stores. If you would ever like to purchase a jug of fresh cider, just let me know and I will include one for you on our next order.

(Note: Kauffman’s sells it frozen on-line for $22.99 and I saw it on Amazon for a cool $39.99 – so we really do have the best price going…)

“All-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO, plus is Kosher- and Pareve-certified”

Here is how it is made…(They seem to have made the video without any sound – perhaps because the machines are so loud…)


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