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Gringo the cat with a mustached

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Have you ever seen a cat with a mustache? If you haven’t, then meet the new internet icon captivating the hearts of thousands.

Meet Gringo, a one-year-old British Shorthair who has captured the hearts of the online community with his unique look. Because of the white patch of fur above his mouth, the adorable feline looks like he is sporting a sophisticated mustache!

Gringo lives in France with his owners Sabrine and Romain and his brother Milko. They found him on a popular French cattery site and immediately fell in love. Who wouldn’t? Just look at that sweet little face!

Gringo was three months old when they brought him home, and the cat’s sweet and friendly personality made him instant friends with Milko. Now, the pair is inseparable!

“Gringo is a happy kitty, full of life and with a really nice personality. He loves to play all day and all night, get up to mischief like climbing on curtains, scratching the couch and jumping in the plants,” Sabrine told Just Something.

“He likes to stand on his back paw, just like a meerkat. He can stay a couple of minutes in that position, and it’s hilarious.”

“Gringo always sniffs our plates to see if there’s something good for him to eat, and he likes to steal our sponge from the kitchen just to chew it, so we have to hide it every time”.

We know you can’t get enough of Gringo’s cuteness, so here’s more photos of this adorable internet icon!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the greatest mustache of them all?

I’m feeling myself today, I think I look cute! Don’t you agree?

I wonder, did you bring some food for me?

They say it’s rude to stare, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself. Sorry!

Have you seen Milko? I want to play!

There you are!

Only cats with a mustache like mine get to wear a cute bowtie like this!

Nothing to see here! Just me doing my usual morning stretches.

I spy with my amber-colored eyes.

Bye for now folks! It’s snooze time.

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