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Facing Fear is the KEY to Success! –

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you knew exactly what you needed to do, but couldn’t do it?

Have you ever found yourself trying to achieve a goal, but kept failing no matter how much work you put in?

Have you ever found yourself pretending you don’t know what to do to accomplish your goal, even though you knew exactly what you needed to do in the back of your mind?

These are just 3 of some very common reasons for failing at achieving success in both business and life.

Here is what they all have in common. Better said, here’s why you’re experiencing all these issues on your journey towards your dreams.

All these issues can be explained with a single word.


If you pay close attention, to any one of the 3 scenarios mentioned above, you’ll quickly realize they’re all about avoiding fear.

And this is the exact cause for failure.

Instead of facing the problem head on, you’re circling around it and pretending it’s not there.

Instead of pushing through your fear and doing what is necessary you focus on unimportant tasks that get you nowhere.

But, hey, I’m not judging you. I’m merely stating what is going on, believe me, I used to be a master procrastinator and fear avoider.

But the moment I switched my mentality, from hiding from my fears to attacking them, was the moment my life changed forever. And so will yours.

But before I give you the secret formula to conquering fear, let’s take a look at the 5 major life fears.

Fear of Taking Action

The fear of taking action can be explained as the fear of the unknown, in fact all fears can.

Think about the last time you had to take action on something…

Something that made you feel anxious right in the stomach as soon as you thought about it.

Think about it, how long did it take you to face that fear?

More likely than not is that you waited until the very end when you were forced to take action, otherwise it’s possible that you would never have taken it.

When we fear taking action, we fear the consequences that might come with taking that action. It’s not the action that we’re afraid of, it’s what follows it that strikes chills up our spine.

The Fear of Embarrassment

This fear originates all the way back to when we used to live in tribes. Back then the worst thing that could happen to someone is getting kicked out of the tribe.

If a member got kicked out of a tribe, his chances for survival dropped significantly and because of that, we developed a fear.

Now let’s fast forward a little bit to the present, don’t worry we will return to the ‘’tribe life’’ again shortly.

Think about it, how terrible does it feel to be embarrassed? Even worse, how awful is it to think about what others might think of you when you embarrass yourself…

This brings us to the next fear.

The Fear of Being Judged

The Fear of Being Judged is a usually a direct consequence of embarrassing yourself, thus they’re very alike.

We developed this fear as a survival mechanism, this fear kept our actions under control, which ultimately helped us stay in the tribe, thus helped us survive.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

This is where things start to get scary… They get scary, because we don’t realize how much of a negative effect avoiding our fears has on our lives.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough is probably one of the most toxic fears one can have.

This fear absolutely destroys every last bit of confidence you have in yourself, until there’s nothing left.

But you know what they say, there’s always good in bad and vice versa. The fear of not being good enough in essence, prevents you from taking action.

It prevents you from going for the things you desire and because of it it can cause you depression, feelings of low-self worth and sadness.

This fear can dig you a hole so deep, that you’ll feel absolutely miserable. But it is this very same hole, that can end up filling you up with fire.

A fire that makes you want to face your fears and absolutely destroy them.

In summary, the fear of not being good enough prevents you from taking action. The less action you take the stronger it gets, until you come to a point where you can’t stand the fear anymore and go out and face it.

The Fear of The Future

From my personal experience, the fear of the future can be described in one single sentence.

The fear of the future comes from not doing enough in the present.

When you’re ‘’afraid’’ of not being good enough and you don’t take action, that will directly impact your perception of reality.

Due to you not taking action, things won’t be moving in the way you would want them to move and because of that you’re afraid of where your life is heading.

Your afraid of where you’ll be in 5 years if you continue living like this and avoid facing fears.

Overcoming the 5 Major Life Fears

But Benjamin, what do we do know?

We know what we fear, we know why we fear it and why we have to face the fear.

But how do we do that?

It starts by being more disciplined.

Disciplined in a way that you’ll do hard things and push through them.

One of the best ways to practice discipline is to start waking up at 5AM and doing a hard workout as soon as you wake up.

When you start of your day by pushing through pain, discomfort and the ugly side that comes with doing hard things, you’ll set the tone for the rest of the day.

You know those cold call you have to make? They suddenly got less scary.

You know those presentation you have to start working on? It suddenly got less scary.

You know the difficult talk you have to have with your girlfriend? It suddenly got less scary.

When we push through difficult things on a regular basis, everything else suddenly becomes easier.

Facing adversity on a regular basis is one of the best habits you can include in your day to day life.

By facing it daily, you develop more discipline, self confidence and trust in your abilities. Because of that, the fear will slowly start to diminish.

The more you push yourself and the more often you do it, the easier it gets to face your fears.

And it is only when you face your fears, that you’re truly living your life.

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