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Dance team lines up in fitness center, but crowd loses it when lights go out mid-song

Halftime shows are usually run-of-the-mill acts, with performances normally showcasing the same familiar theme. But recently, one drill team from a high school in Kansas put the show of a lifetime during a championship basketball game’s halftime break.

In a video of the performance that went viral, the Dodge City High School Drill Team takes center court to assemble in a formation. Then, a soloist from the group sings “Hallelujah”, a famous ballad by Leonard Cohen. After a few lines, two more girls joined in the singing while the rest of the group start to dance. Aside from real-time singing during a choreographed dance, the performance seemed to be an ordinary number. The girls’ costumes, which were light-up crowns and capes that turn into wings, could be the most notable feature.


Suddenly, the lights go out and a surprised and delighted crown began cheering – it’s when they realized that the show was just beginning.

The absence of light revealed that the performers were indeed wearing light-up costumes overall. The music quickly changes from a soft ballad to a remix version, with the girls’ costumes illuminated with lights. The court was a sea of blue as the performers moved with grace, their steps meant to emphasize the beauty of the light-up costumes they were wearing.

The mood was completely transformed as the surprise element in the group’s performance was revealed. The crowd was so impressed and mesmerized by the light show they witnessed, and other people who have watched the viral video of this performance echo the same thing. In fact, the video has been shared online thousands of times already. People from all over are commenting that the performance was “incredible” and “stunning”. Some people even said that the performance was so beautiful that it made them cry.


But apart from the Dodge City High School Drill Team who were the main stars of the show, there is one person who is credited for the group’s brilliant and outstanding performance. It is their coach, Debbi Conrardy, who is also being praised for leading the team and making it possible for them to perform this memorable show. One Facebook user even commented about her appreciation and thanks to the coach. The comment reads:

“Debbi Conrardy is the Dodge City drill team coach & she definitely deserves to be recognized as an amazing coach! She teaches these young ladies more than just dance, she teaches them life skills & responsibility that will last a lifetime! Thank you coach for your time, love & dedication!!”

Via Screen Grab | Facebook

Watch the video below to see the group’s stunning performance that wowed the crowd.

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