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Couple builds open concept modern tiny house with an elevator bed

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This might be the coolest tiny house concept you will ever see, and the best part is, its equipped with an elevator bed!

In her YouTube channel, Alaska-based Ana White took her viewers to a tour inside the rustic and modern tiny house that she and her husband designed.

The open concept tiny home is thick-framed on a 24-foot long, 8 and a half-foot wide trailer that boasts of a simple and classy exterior.

Once you enter, you’ll see a nice little entryway area where the walls have pipe shelves for people to hang their coats, repurposed baskets where books can be stored, small plywood with hooks to hold keys, and a drawing board.

On the floor is a shoe bench that acts as a storage and a step into the kitchen area. Beneath the raised kitchen floor are more storage drawers and an extra space where bigger objects such as snow gears can be kept.

The client specifically wanted his tiny house to be open, and one of the things that can take up space in a home is the bed. So, Ana thought of installing one that was raised up by turning it into an elevator bed! With a budget of $500 allocated, Ana was able to buy the necessary materials such as sliding door hardware and a garage storage lift to build it.

Ana demonstrated how it worked. She pushed a button on the side wall and the elevator bed began to slowly lower itself, passing right by the TV and the artworks on the wall. She guaranteed that the bed is sturdy and tried to move it to show that there is absolutely no wobble.

The coffee tables in the living area serve as a storage and step stool to get into the bed.

The client wanted to get three things out of the seating in the living area – storage, comfort, and the ability to turn it into a guest bed. To make this possible, Ana took a full-size foam mattress and cut it up into three pieces.

Then, she made a sectional out of wood with storage space beneath it. She covered the pieces of mattresses with quilt and turned them into sofa seats! The two largest pieces became the seats, while the smallest piece became a back cushion.

To turn it into a bed, all that’s needed is to reposition the sofas and align them, then take the backrest of the sofa as the last piece to complete the full-size bed!

Remember the coffee table that serves as a step stool for getting into the bed? Well, it has three other purposes! Aside from being a storage, it has a removable lid equipped with a cushion underneath, which allows it to be used as a lap desk for when you’re sitting on the sofa or a chair in itself.

Ana did a lot more of these awesome customizations in the tiny home, and the plot twists just never seem to end! However, we don’t want to spoil them for you.  So just check out the full video below to see for yourself.

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