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Conquering An Overwhelming Sense Of Loss

Are you in a personal situation in which you cannot begin to imagine conquering an overwhelming sense of loss?

Watch the video below, in which Tony Robbins helps Jim overcome the devastating loss of his entire savings, and more.

Conquering - Forward Steps image_1Robbins calls on Jim a man who was facing extraordinary financial challenges that had driven him to despair.

In the 1990s, Jim had grown a corporation that served the handicapped from the startup level to a twenty four million dollar business.

In 2002, however, a change in government policy killed his business.

In the same year he also suffered a disastrous loss in his personal investments as well as losing the life savings of a close friend.

Faced with his loss, Jim found himself unable to imagine a future for himself.

This film will show you how Jim was able to turn his life around in one day, from suicidal despair and financial shame to a greater understanding of himself, in the satisfaction of living his life’s true purpose.

One year later Jim is happy and enthusiastic about his life and his work.

This is the story of one man’s journey from pain to freedom.

So let’s begin when Jim first stood up in the midst of despair to speak with Anthony Robbins…

I hope this video talk has made a difference to how you view your own circumstances.

Please share it with anyone you know to whom you know this message might also make a difference today.

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