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5 Yoga for the Sahasrara Chakra + Crown Chakra Healing

The Crown Chakra teaches us about detachment, unity, and transcendence. When your Seventh Chakra is balanced, you are aware of the giant tapestry that you exist within. While small and impermanent, your body and mind create the integral thread that unites you to this giant work of art. The Sanskrit …

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5 Winter Essential Oils for Stress Relief and Grounding

Although the use of essential oils has evolved over time, oils extracted from aromatic plants have been used for centuries as part of religious ceremonies, cosmetics, medicine, and more. There are so many uses for essential oils! In the winter, they can be used to reduce stress, feel energized, and …

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Mom’s Patagonia Photo Journal

Mom’s Patagonia Photo Journal Here some of the vistas and scenes from mom’s recent trip to Patagonia…. As many of you know, mom recently embarked on a trip to Patagonia, and here is the promised follow-up letter with some of the photos from her trip. Her flash drive is packed …

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4 Natural Flu Remedies to Keep You Healthy This Season

It’s that time of year again – flu season. If you’ve ever had the flu, you know it can be unbearable. Fever, sore throat, runny nose . . . and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But thankfully, there are many natural flu remedies to help alleviate your symptoms. …

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December 2018 Edition • Yoga Basics

Online Yoga Resource and News

Passing from the dark nights of the winter solstice into the deep cold and stillness of the heart of winter requires inner strength and a steadfast heart. To help you smoothly make this tough transition, the albums in this month’s collection of yoga music are calming and lighthearted. This lightness …

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How power generating exercises can lead to down-regulation and inner peace

For many, the idea of “peaceful practices” does not include burpees, handstands and Olympic-style weightlifting. But for Olympic Weightlifter Elizabeth Wipff and CrossFitter RE Lewis, these are exercises that lead directly to inner peace and wellbeing. I recently hosted a jubilant conversation between Wipff and Lewis about the top ways …

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30-Minute Yoga for a Bad Day (Free Class)

By YogiApproved | December 24, 2018 Bad days – we all have them. But the good news is we don’t have to suffer through them! Often all we need is a reset button to start fresh, wipe the slate clean, and get on with our lives. So – how do we do this …

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A New Face at Yoga + Cat Bolster

A New Face at Yoga After years of following mom to class only to be shut out and turned away, finally Madison made it in to a class… Addendum Photo: Cat & His New Bolster Madison has shown up at dozens of yoga classes – usually wandering over to the …

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Improve Your Bone Health to Help Prevent Osteoporosis

We commonly hear others talk about what they do to lose body fat, gain muscle, clear their skin, and so on. But when was the last time you heard someone raving about what they do to promote strong, healthy bones and overall bone health? According to statistics, osteoporosis (a disease …

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