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Why celery juice is the best new trend

Posted at 15:40h in Health, Blog by Katie Fowler Written by Katie Fowler You may remember celery as that tasteless, watery vegetable we used to load Craft peanut butter on to when we were kids (you may still). Well, the crunchy green vegetable has never been more popular in the form of …

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What is gut well being? And how can you improve yours?

Posted at 08:35h in Health, Blog by Katie Fowler Written by Sofia Poggi The importance of our gut health has been receiving copious amounts of attention lately, and is an exciting step in advancing our knowledge on the connection between nutrition and mental health. Many people are aware that eating nutritious …

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Handy AF: 6 Castor Oil Uses for Everyday Life

Castor oil isn’t just your grandmother’s remedy. With over 700 castor oil uses, it’s a versatility superstar. Castor beans are pressed to make castor oil. The oil originated in tropical Africa and Asia, where it’s been in use for thousands of years. Castor oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties and is …

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Quinoa and Sweet Potato Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Buddha bowls are all the rage right now. This is for good reason! They are a highly delicious way to get a large amount of nutritious foods in your body, and they fill you up quickly. This specific vegan Buddha bowl recipe is also highly versatile. You can also substitute …

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12 Calming Pregnancy Mantras and Mantras for Moms

Pregnancy mantras and mantras for moms are relatively self-explanatory: they are mantras specifically for expecting mothers to help calm your pre-baby nerves, as well as mantras for new mommas once you’ve given birth to your baby. We all have our moments as moms and moms-to-be. As mommas-to-be, at times we …

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