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March 2019 Edition • Yoga Basics

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This month marks a transitional period between two seasons which calls for balancing the stillness, silence, and contemplation of wintertime with the growth, expansion, and outward energy of spring. To celebrate this seasonal shift, most of the albums on this month’s best yoga music list are cheerful and upbeat—perfect for …

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9 Funny Workout Memes to Motivate and Make You Smile

Funny memes: if you don’t use them for communication, or love them and laugh with friends over them . . . are you even a millennial? From the slew of (seemingly endless) ones inspired by Sandra Bullock in Birdbox to the classic memes that so accurately summarize what we’re all …

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Prenatal Yoga Center | Demystifying Genetic Prenatal Testing

27 Mar Demystifying Genetic Prenatal Testing As the field of genetic testing grows, so do the options for parents to learn more about their baby prior to birth. However, the choices and information from these tests can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. “Which test to take? What do the results …

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Satyam Goes to a Talent Agency

Satyam Goes to a Talent Agency Read about my whirlwind tour to an audition for a PSA / commercial… On Friday (3/22), John forwarded me an email from a talent agency looking for someone for an upcoming commercial. Yoga Instructor – Male or female, any ethnicity, 20s-50s. We are looking …

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Yoga Nidra in honor of World Sleep Day – Glo

From avid dreamers to stubborn sleepers—we all need to be mindful of the health of our sleep. One of the best ways we know to enjoy deep, rejuvenating rest is the yogic sleep practice known as Yoga Nidra. A unique form of guided meditation, Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down, …

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