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This Is the Secret to Actually Find Work Life Balance

Look, I don’t have a pretty, put-together formula for you to create work life balance. (Okay, okay, just kidding I do – keeping reading.) But I also have an important life-changing secret to share with you. A secret I discovered during the most exhausting, frazzled, stressed-out season of my life. …

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Meditation and Anxiety: 5 Steps to Reduce Anxiety By Meditating

I don’t know about you, but when I first started learning about and practicing meditation, my mind was clouded with some preconceived notions. I thought meditation and anxiety were basically opposites. So, I had these notions: Meditation is supposed to be relaxing Meditation is clearing the mind of all thoughts …

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7 Yoga Retreats to De-Stress in 2019

There’s nothing like traveling to a new place to shake up your outlook, relax, and truly pamper yourself! Yoga retreats are known to be completely immersive in yoga and wellness, which is why they’re perfect for de-stressing and re-evaluating what’s important to you. Attendees generally stay as a group in …

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For Yoga Teachers | How To Support Emotional Yoga Students

Four tips for yoga teachers on supporting emotional yoga students. Yoga is a practice where we can invite students to arrive authentically in their bodies, minds, and feelings. For some practitioners, there aren’t many safe spaces to connect to their feelings. When they arrive on the mat and begin to …

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8 Tips for Returning to Yoga After an Injury • Yoga Basics

As a yogi, experiencing an injury can not only severely set back your physical practice but also negatively impact your mind and spirit. As you get ready to return to your practice post-injury, picking things up again can feel overwhelming. Not knowing when to start your rehabilitation, what yoga class …

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14 Love Quotes to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: it’s a holiday with mixed reviews . . . some deem it a Hallmark holiday, others an “excuse” to show their love. However you feel about the day, we can all appreciate the aspect of LOVE. Whether you love the holiday or hate it, and whether you have …

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